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American Extravaganza | Presented by Borough of Avalon

  •   Star-Spangled Banner––John Smith

  • Armed Forces, Pride of America–– Larry Clark and Greg Gilpin

  • Syncopated Clock––Leroy Anderson

  • Promenade–– Leroy Anderson

  • Blue Tango––Leroy Anderson

  • Waltzing Cat––Leroy Anderson


  •     Fanfare for Life––Kimo Williams

  • Liberty Bell March––John Philip Sousa

  • Stars and Stripes Forever–– John Philip Sousa

  •      Cameo Guest Conductor, Nina Radcliff, M.D.

  • "1812” Overture––Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Nina Radcliffe, M.D.

Nina Radcliffe, M.D.