Aaron Cohen

Aaron is a native of Philadelphia now living in Atlantic City and has made a major commitment to the South Jersey business and philanthropic community over the last 10 years.  Presently the longest sitting Trustee on the Bay-Atlantic Symphony Board and the Chair of Development & Fundraising, Aaron is a Past President and has also previously served as Secretary, Vice President and Chair of Strategic Planning.  He is a life-long audiophile, music lover and collector of rare recordings and has pursued numerous activities in the music and musical instrument industries throughout his adult life.  Aaron also maintains a serious collection of guitars and other musical instruments and plays informally on a regular basis with groups in New York City.   

A graduate of Temple University with post-Baccalaureate work in world affairs and history, Aaron is a very active businessman with ownership and leadership in companies in the title insurance, government contracting, medical technology, alternative energy and music/video/stage production industries.  His company Stage Trip Industries has provided audio, video, lighting and streaming services for many events in all kinds of venues and settings with particular focus on the music, medical, automotive, fashion, non-profit gala and private corporate event sectors as well as for private personal celebrations (weddings, etc.).  In medical technology, Aaron is Chief Executive Officer of a company possessing novel patented therapies for degenerative brain diseases and traumatic brain injury and is co-inventor on several pending patents in cancer immunology.  In alternative energy, he advises and represents a company that has devised a unique non-invasive method for mounting solar panels and other technical equipment to commercial and industrial rooftops; and in musical instruments he has advised numerous instrument manufacturers and is presently engaged in the re-launch of a world-renowned brand of jazz guitars after several decades of inactivity.  

Aaron has also served as a long-time Board member of two condominium homeowners associations in PA and NJ and briefly served as interim President of one of them.  He spent many years throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s in the mortgage and mortgage banking industries, has worked from time to time on Jewish causes, and has been a life-long cyclist and martial artist.

Beth Beauchamp

Having worked as a professional musician, a music-educator, and the Executive Director of a number of non-profit arts organizations, Beth has over 10 years of experience in catering to the unique needs of artists. Beth believes that the talent, education, and skill-sets of her clients have inherent worth. As a passionate artist advocate, she aims to help her artists improve the quality of their own lives by encouraging them to honor the value of their own work, and by creating materials which allow them to champion their art with confidence. Equally interested in building community, Beth aims to create a roster of artists who are excited to support and collaborate together.